Click to downLoad, but not before reading the text to the right. No really - especially the part about "thinking" first.

downLoad 2,000+ images of interesting trees collected by Bob Burnside.

Think about this before you download the archive. It's about a half a gigabyte large, and you'll need to see if you have room on your hardDrive to handle it. And it will take
T I M E, bigtime time - like 30 minutes, and, if you have ATT, even longer.

After the downLoad, uncompress the archive with a good ole' double-click. Place the folder in a place you can remember.

If you use a Mac, click SYSTEM PREFERENCES. Then click DESKTOP & SCREENSAVER. Decide if you want DESKTOP or SCREENSAVER, and click one or the other at the top of the window.

Next, click the + symbol below the left-hand menu and find the UN-compressed folder containing the 2,000+ Tree Photos. If you're a Mac user it'll be in the DOWNLOADS folder, or on your desktop.

Below the main window select something like Change image EVERY 5-SECONDS or EVERY 30 MINUTES.

Do likewise with the Screensaver button clicked at the top pf the window, etc, etc.

If you're using a Windows computer, you're on your own. IDEA: call Bill and ask for help.

Have fun and remember to share these with treelovers amongst your friends. It's artSharing, after all.



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